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Pepper spray has a long history of being used as a dependable self defence tool by law enforcement, civilians, and sportsmen. This non-lethal tool requires no physical contact and allows the sufferer to adequately protect themselves without resorting to force.

Pepper Spray to Aggressive Dogs

It appears that this woman was out walking her own leashed dogs when she was attacked by three, unleashed creatures.

This woman and her animals got away without fatal injuries, but there are too many similar situations where the victims are not as lucky.

The initial targets of the animals’ attacks are usually other domestic animals and smaller children. For this reason, most vets and safety officials don’t recommend sending children out alone to walk the family pet.

Everyone who has lost a beloved animal to an aggressive dog, or who has suffered their own injuries, will tell you if there was something that they wish there was something that they could have done.

Even more terrifying is the fact that aggression in domestic animals may be caused by rabbis, a dangerous and potentially deadly disease spread to humans by infected animals.

One of the simplest solutions for protecting yourself, your pet, and your kids from aggressive dogs is to take a small canister of pepper spray. With one quick spray you can deter the attacking dog and return your family to safety.

Hunters are among the most loyal consumer groups when it comes to pepper spray products. This is because they recognize the simplicity of this product and appreciate its dependable protection.

Your first thought may be”why not the hunters use their guns?” Obviously the hunters are carrying firearms, but their guns aren’t actually a trusted supply of self defence when a bear attacks. Rather, hunters carry two kinds of security – the gun for when they’re hunting the bear, and the pepper spray for when the bear is hunting them.

In fact, statistics indicate that human-bear experiences are less likely to lead to a individual’s injury when firearms aren’t used.

Pepper Spray in Coyote Country

There are some regions of the nation where wildlife and human life come in close contact every day.

If you reside in a place where wolves, coyotes, or bears are a dangerous threat, then you’re likely living in fear every time you, your child, or your pet ventures outdoors. This tool ensures that if a wild animal attack you will have the ability to deter it long enough to return your loved ones to safety.


Pepper Spray – Protection Against Aggressive Animals

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